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Digital Design and Art made with Adobe Creative Suite and Auto CAD

Big Sexy Neon

Digital work samples of neon sign patterns, mock-ups, and drawings

Lady Trinity Bar

Adobe Illustrator and Rhino

Logo design for neon sign for local bar in New Orleans, LA. Pattern and cabinet fabricated from design and drawings.

lady trinity transparent_edited.jpg
ladytrinity front elevation.jpg


Adobe Illustrator

Background design for neon sign for business in New Orleans, LA.


Mayan Imports

Adobe Illustrator

Image design for neon sign for business in New Orleans, LA

mayan cigar bar_edited.jpg


Adobe Illustrator and Rhino

Neon designs for Crack'd NOLA, a new restaurant and bar in New Orleans' Central Business District. Client requested unique fonts and layout, as well as a cracked egg design for multiple mirrors in the venue.

i got cracked in nola_edited.jpg
do watcha wanna.jpg


Adobe Illustrator

Neon pattern for Dirty Coast's new store in the Lower Garden District of New Orleans. Classic New Orleans slogan in neon beside bassoon featuring hand painted store name.



Recreation of a classic sign for a client. All shapes made on Rhino and neon to be added overlaying "Enjoy."

enjoy coffee.jpg


Adobe Illustrator & Rhino

Vector art made for neon sign for Quince Global Kitchen in Fort Worth, TX.

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